Bubblehead Studios is a game development studio based in Devon, UK.

JoshGame Design/Developer

A Web Developer turned Game Developer, I decided to follow my dreams and attempt to make games for a living. I've been hooked on video games since Pokemon Blue for the Gameboy Color (which I've completed more times than I have had hot dinners!)

Started with a background in audio, studying Audio Technology at college, then later at university. Whilst studying for my degree I was subjected to C/C++ programming and my love for code was born! Since then I have been using programming to build websites, computer infused guitars, audio plug-ins, web applications, case management systems and now my dream; computer games!


We think mental health should be at the centre of everything you do. Why? Well we perform at our best when we're happy! And who doesn't want to be at their happiest? We want to help eradicate the taboo that surrounds mental health. As such, we've teamed up with Safe In Our World to raise awareness and promote safe, happy and secure working environments within the games industry.